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Bringing KentHogwarts Home – Slytherin | KentHogwarts

Bringing KentHogwarts Home – Slytherin

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Bringing KentHogwarts Home - Slytherin

HeadMistress Lady Luna presented a homework assignment for our young witches and wizards to work on until we meet again.  We have the magical power of blessing to take out into the muggle world.  Students and Prefects who complete this assignment and bring it to Summer Hogwarts will receive 25 House Points.

Find something under your House’s Umbrella that interests you.  Students ages 5-8 yrs old should focus on Animals, Students 9-12 yrs old should focus on Planet Earth, and Prefects should focus on Humans.


Ask yourself these questions:

  1. What problem needs to be solved?
  2. What would solve the problem?
  3. Is there a person or group that is trying to solve the problem?
  4. What can you do to help?

Then do one of the following

  • Write a paragraph, poem, or song about it
  • Draw a picture of it.
  • Design a symbol for your House Umbrella

Resource: www.uua.org, click on Social Justice and EarthJustice.org


AnimalsFocus for students ages 5-8 yrs Planet EarthFocus for students 9-12 years HumansFocus for Prefects

Faith - Water

  • All cold-blooded animals
  • Fish, reptiles, amphibians
  • Crawling insects
  • Arachnids
  • Animals that live in water
  • All waterways, oceans, rivers, lakes
  • Clean water
  • Water energy
  • Freedom of belief and religious practice
  • Freedom to search for your truth
  • Emotional health care
  • Addiction recovery
  • Mentoring for success
  • Care for our elders (honoring bloodlines)


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